First Consultation after Auto Injury in Dallas

First Consultation after Auto Injury

The first couple of days after an auto injury can be particularly draining. You would be spending a hefty amount of time in repair shops, insurance companies, and so on. But, one of the most problematic experiences is when you’ve suffered a sprain, strain, or whiplash.

If the discomfort doesn’t subside on its own, that’s when people ask for chiropractic help. A chiropractor in Dallas restores comfort, balance, and energy, allowing the spine and neck to regain their range of motion and flexibility. If you’ve never booked a chiropractic treatment, here is all you can expect during your first visit.

Getting to Know You and Your Injury

A Dallas chiropractor doesn’t just start with spinal manipulation treatment. They first assess their patients, talk about their history of illness and do a physical exam. Feel free to talk about your symptoms or anything else that you think might be triggering the pain. From there, the chiropractor can focus on identifying the exact cause of the aches to provide that much-needed relief. 

The Exam

The chiropractor in Dallas you select will evaluate and examine the muscles and joints. They will then do a neurological exam capable of assessing the muscle response to movement and stimulation.

Then, it is crucial to evaluate your muscle strength and tone, accompanied by a vitals exam and CT scans or X-rays when necessary. The chiropractor will suggest the best treatment plan tailored to the patient’s needs based on the total results.

Our Trinity Mills Chiropractic Team Is Here To Help

A car accident can be pretty surprising. But, with expert chiropractors, like the ones you can find in Dallas, you can get your flexibility and comfort right back. People are supposed to function in tip-top shape. Chiropractic care makes sure they have precisely what it takes to relieve the aches, discomfort, and tension. Regardless of the type of injury they suffered. 


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