Functional Rehabilitation in Trinity Mills Chiropractic

Functional rehabilitation does more than increase a muscle or group of muscles’ force-producing capabilities. It uses physical modifications for improved and more coordinated working between the muscular and nervous systems.

We at Trinity Mills Chiropractic perform functional rehabilitation through controlled movements in the dysfunctional area to improve strength, conditioning, and coordination in the body. It helps strengthen your movements so that you efficiently perform everyday activities.

The primary goal of functional rehabilitation is to treat the area of dysfunction and improve the strength and coordination of the body’s entire neuromuscular system.

Functional rehabilitation helps in the quick recovery and improved performance in especially athletes through a combination of the following methods:

  1. Improved strength in the affected area by applying high force against some heavy resistance. 
  2. Conditioning where precise physical modifications help the patient associate the desired behavior with any unrelated physical activities 
  3. Coordination for the improved and harmonious functioning of muscles or a group of muscles for better movements. 
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