How Chiropractic Treatment works in Dallas, TX

In the past decade, chiropractic treatment has gained worldwide acceptance as a tool for treating several health conditions and diseases. It is also a mainstay rehabilitation tool. Are you wondering if chiropractic care is for you and want to find out more about its safety and efficacy? Then read on.

Chiropractic care has become highly recommended as a therapy for various health concerns for people of all ages. Millions of people around the world have successfully used chiropractic care to manage and treat diseases and injuries. This is because it is a safe, evidence-based scientific method that employs the understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

Chiropractic treatment uses spinal manipulations or adjustments to treat and prevent mechanical problems in the body. Adjustments restore the brain-body connection allowing the body to heal itself.


It is also referred to as spinal manipulative therapy. This is a chiropractic treatment technique that is used to treat injuries, inflammation, muscle spasms caused by subluxations.  Subluxations due to malfunctioning or misaligned vertebral bodies. To perform spinal manipulations, the chiropractic specialist applies defined, strong and direct force or pressure on the target point on the spine.

What happens during spinal manipulations?

During spinal manipulations or manual therapy, the chiropractic doctor applies measured and direct pressure to manipulate the lumbar spine. This pressure involves sudden force that often makes a popping sound. A hand or therapy device is used.

There are many different types of spinal manipulative therapies.


This is a chiropractic technique that serves to restore or enhance the function of the skeletal joint. It involves applying skilled continuous, slow movements to the target joints, nerves, or muscles. It is used to relieve pain, treat injuries, muscle spasms, tension, and improve  arthrokinematic joint motion.


A chiropractic specialist may combine both spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques for optimal results. Automobile accidents lead to extensive musculoskeletal injury or damage that requires both soft tissue and manipulation therapy. 

The utmost goal for the chiropractic doctor, in this case, is to ensure comfort for the patient, minimize pain,n and enhance treatment outcomes. 

Most chiropractic treatments will incorporate various measures to ensure that the goal of the treatment is achieved. Some of these techniques include:

  • Nutritional counseling 
  • Heat and ice 
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Lifestyle changes

Dallas Chiropractic care is a highly effective and safe therapeutic method that should be performed only by professionals.

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