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This page will cover the basics of carpal tunnel syndrome, including common causes, treatment, and home remedies.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also known as median nerve compression syndrome. It affects people of any age, from young adults to the aged population. Carpal tunnel syndrome is simply defined as the compaction or squeezing of the nerve at a single point. Many people think surgical intervention known as endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery is the only treatment option. However, that’s not true. Chiropractic care provides non-surgical treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome in Dallas.

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What Is Carpal Tunnel?

In the palm of our hands, a narrow passageway or tunnel is running, bones and ligaments surround this tunnel.

There is a nerve structure called the median nerve that passes from the thumb to the upper part of the arm. It, therefore, can be seen running through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. A pinched nerve (known as a nerve entrapment) or a compacted nerve leads to inflammation and is referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome manifests in several ways leading to the following symptoms:

  • Numbness, tingling or weakness in your hand.
  • Pain during typing or using your hands in any regular activities.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur due to the squeezing of the median nerve either through repetitive actions that cause stress or strain in the wrist or through a trauma that causes subluxation or dislocation of wrist bones. These result in irritation or inflammation of the carpal tunnel, leading to squeezing of the median nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome leads to a tingling or burning sensation in the hand. It can also cause numbness in the hand due to restricted blood flow.

  • Tingling in the fingers, slower nerve impulses.

This is commonly experienced when performing repetitive tasks using the intrinsic muscles in the hand, such as typing and labor jobs like carpentry.

  • Less strength and coordination in the wrist.

This can be due to the median nerve’s inability to exert control over the hand’s surrounding muscles.

Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel causes include lifestyle, trauma, or underlying disease conditions that invariably affect the carpal tunnel. They are as follows:

  • Pressure on the median nerve due to irritation or inflammation of the surrounding ligament and bones.
  • Conditions like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, obesity, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Repetitive motions like typing, playing the piano, or any significant wrist movements.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment In Dallas

Carpal tunnel specialists are experienced in providing long term or permanent relief from Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractors help treat acute carpal tunnel syndrome through:

  • Spinal manipulation.
  • Deep friction massage.

Other non-surgical procedures include:

  • Bracing or splinting.

This is to provide temporary support to the wrist to relieve the pressure on the median nerve.

  • Nerve gliding exercises
  • Steroid injections
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

In very severe cases, the following options may be recommended:

  • Open Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery
  • Cortisone Injection
  • Splints

How Trinity Mills Chiropractic Can help in wrist pain due to carpal tunnel in Dallas, TX

Trinity Mills Chiropractic is the top chiropractic clinic in Dallas for wrist pain treatments due to carpal tunnel. Dr. Mark Harris DC is a highly rated chiropractor in Dallas and specializes in treating wrist pain due to carpal tunnel. He has been practicing for over 10 years in Dallas. 

Trinity Mills Chiropractic serves the following cities:

  • Dallas
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  • Frisco

Call us today if you are experiencing wrist pain due to carpal tunnel in Dallas.

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How Do We Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are Dallas Chiropractors good for carpal tunnel treatment?

Yes, Dallas Chiropractors are experienced in treating Carpal tunnel syndrome with non-surgical techniques and should be your first contact point.

How I cured my carpal tunnel naturally?

Chiropractic carpal tunnel treatment in Dallas helps treat carpal tunnel syndrome naturally, without surgeries. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment also requires various lifestyle modifications, including resting the hand, wrist exercises, weight loss, diet modification, and using a cold compress.

Is carpal tunnel considered nerve damage?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can result in nerve damage if ignored or left unattended for a long time. Acute symptoms can become chronic and disabling over time. Our carpal tunnel specialists can help relieve your symptoms.

Can you fix carpal tunnel without surgery?

Yes, carpal tunnel syndrome can be fixed without surgery or invasive procedures. From lifestyle modifications like resting the hand, topical or oral analgesics can also be used. Other non-surgical procedures include spinal and extremity manipulation, deep friction massage, braces or splints, and nerve gliding exercises.

What can be mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often mistaken for other conditions affecting the hand. They include thoracic outlet syndrome, wrist tendonitis, arthritis, hand-arm vibration syndrome, and repetitive strain injury.

How do I know if it’s carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis?

Both carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis can cause a tingling or painful sensation in the hand, but they are not the same. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve mostly due to repetitive movements, while arthritis affects the joints. Sometimes, arthritis can trigger carpal tunnel syndrome. However, unlike arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome in Dallas can affect the entire fingers, and the pain can extend to the upper arm and neck. It is better to ask your carpal tunnel specialists how to prevent carpal tunnel and avoid all the pain and discomfort.

What are the warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Tingling, numbness, loss of sensation, weakness of the hand, loss of fine movement, burning, radiating pain in the hand.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

It depends on what health insurance plan you are on. For example, Medicare may take care of the costs of diagnostics and surgery. Talk to your doctor or medical insurance provider.

How long does carpal tunnel usually last?

The acute symptoms may last for minutes to days, but the median nerve may become damaged if left unattended, leading to chronic pain that never eases and makes sleeping difficult.
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