Win A Policy Limit Award for Soft Tissue Spinal Injury Claims

In this personal injury presentation, our medical team will share the 4 categories of documentation necessary to WIN a policy limit award for the soft tissue spinal injury claim!

And the financial drivers required to stop low ball offers!

The Top 4 Categories of Documentation Include:

  1. The Top 5 Financial Drivers of Colossus Injury Award Software!
  2. The 4 Pillars of Documentation Necessary to Win Large Awards!
  3. How to Defend the Preexisting Injury and the Low Impact Injury with Low Property Damage!
  4. The Financial Claim Worksheet that Converts Documentation Into the 4 Injury Award Categories to Support a Policy Limit Award!

The 4 injury award categories supported by our medical team documentation include:

  1. All medical diagnostics and treatment
  2. Pain and suffering
  3. Permanent injury and impairment rating
  4. The need for future care

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