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Chiropractic Concierge Club

North Dallas chiropractic concierge clubAt Trinity Mills Chiropractic, we often see our patients having problems with their insurance companies: huge deductables, out-of-state doctors managing your care and telling us what they feel is necessary…it damages the relationship we have with our patients and their access to care.

As a response, we have developed a great solution that we’d like to share with you:

The Trinity Mills Chiropractic Concierge Club!

Gold Level Membership

With our Gold Level Membership, you’ll receive all the chiropractic care you need for an entire year! You can get an appointment when you need to, without waiting, and you’ll rest assured that all of your concerns will be taken care of. During our business hours, you’ll receive X-rays, adjustments, and any therapies necessary to help you. We offer two options for payment:

  • A one-time payment of $2,340, with two bonus massage sessions for free
  • A monthly fee of $195 without two bonus massage sessions

Silver Level Membership

Are you a wellness patient, that doesn’t have extensive care needs? If so, our Silver Level Membership program is a great solution! A fee of just $85 per month includes two adjustments and any needed therapies within that month.

Get the Care You Need, How You Need It

Our Concierge Club patients have had an overwhelmingly positive response, and appreciate the savings they receive through our program. And by eliminating the time we spend processing insurance claims, the program enables us to give our patients even more attention and care.

Don’t delay. Get started with our North Dallas chiropractic Concierge Club now!